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The Ethereum Billboard

This billboard that you own and control, once you buy a billboard chunk to advertise your site, personal webpage or whatever you want to show on it, you own that piece of the boards, that means that you can update it at any time or if want you can even sell it. While you own it you control it content so you can fill it with something amazing or even get a bunch of chunks and create something bigger.
Think about it as a billboard in the internet where you can advertise your site , but at the same time you own part of it. So the billboard becomes a real estate market where you own fields or chunks in the billboard and you can build what you want there or sell them at any at the price you consider. All this behavior is backed by a contract defined in the Ethereum blockchain.

The billboard is divided in chunks of 10 by 10 pixels i.e. 100 pixels, a chunk cost a symbolic 0.001 ETH i.e. a few cents or a milliether.Once you buy the chunk you own it, so you can set the content and associated url and title that you want using the controls below. But as this is backed by the Ethereum network you own it so you can sell it at the price you choose and at any given time through the sell interface. If you are connected to the network through MetaMask you will also see the "live" update of the board.

Advertisement forever

The billboard will show your desired pixels, the title or description you choose and will lead to the webpage of your choice. But thanks to the Ethereum blockchain capabilities you can edit it at any time, so if you change your logo you can change it in the board too, also if you change your brand name or your webpage url
The billboard is backed in the blockchain and will remain there forever that means that you or anyone can retrieve it at any time.

billboard panel
edition panel

Buy and sell

Once you own a piece of the board it is up to you to set what's on it: the picture, to the title and the url. You can think of it as owning a terrain where you can build your house as you wish. Of course you are the owner so you can sell it at any moment and at any price you want. As in a real estate market you can buy chunks of the billboard , and sell them later at they price you choose. So for example you can buy a chunk at the initial price of 0.001 Ether and sell it later a 0.2 Ether, Once someone buy it, you just click the withdraw button and the Ether will be send to your wallet.


The board is a blank canvas to you to fill, create something amazing an place it on it, draw whatever you want and link to the page you want. You can update your drawing , title and link at any time. Of course you can get several chunks and draw a larger picture on the board.

edition panel

To interact with the bill board activate the edit mode. You need to be on the main network and have a metamask account activated.
In the edit area you can buy chunks. Once you have one of several chunks of the board you can edit them, giving them a title to be show when hovered, a link to be used when the chunk is clicked and you can edit the content of the chunk with the editor included on the edit panel. Just select a color and paint, once you have your chunk ready just click on the edit button and confirm on metamask, within minutes i.e when the transaction is confirmed, you will see your chunk updated on the board.
The urls are based on the google url shortener . In order to use the google input shortener, go to https://goo.gl/ and put your webpage url, then just get the last part of the given url. e.g. for goo.gl/f0gvBT just set f0gvBT.
If you prefer to get to use the contract address directly, the board has been deployed at the following address: 0x458ca346153ef1A36B6bBf89DE01F4B551555006.

edition example


To Buy a chunk , just select the edit mode, then select a chunk with the cursor directly on the board, in the right panel the price and availability will be displayed. Red marked chunk are already sold, and are not for sale. Once you have your desired chunk just click on the buy button and follow the metamask instructions.


To Edit a chunk , just select the edit mode, then select the chunk you want to edit, just be sure that you own that chunk otherwise you will be expending a lot of unnecessary gas. You can edit the following fields

  • Url: from goo.gl , just take the last past after the slash
  • Title : test to be displayed when hovering the chunk
  • Content : Draw what you want to appear on the board, just select a color and fill the pixels

This is an Ethereum backed billboard in order to interact with it you need to have an Ethereum interface, the suggested one is to use Mist or MetaMask. you can see how to set it up in the following links: